A School for Childhood

We recognize that this time is a short but significant period in life when trust, curiosity, and emotion are spontaneous and expressed with exuberance and confidence.

Why your child should attend the Acorn School.

Acorn School is a non-profit, play-based preschool and kindergarten in Stratham, NH. We have a strong connection to the environment, and focus on your child’s social, emotional, and physical development as well as his/her intellectual development.

  • Our exceptionally low student-teacher ratios ensure that your child is well cared for throughout the day
  • We have a warm  friendly environment to help children feel comfortable and self-confident
  • We emphasize the process rather than the product
  • We focus on nurturing the whole child, and find learning opportunities in every part of our day, from encouraging them to pour their own drinks to taking turns bringing out the compost
  • We are the only preschool and kindergarten in the area to be TimberNook certified, which provides your child with unparalleled opportunities for nature play that challenge the senses and inspire creativity, imagination and independent play in the great outdoors

  • Our focus on environmental education extends beyond outdoor play– from using recycled materials, composting through Mr. Fox, reducing our waste and learning about endangered species and celebrating Earth Day as a community event  

Acorn apparel hoodie

Now you can buy
Acorn-themed Apparel.

Now you can buy Acorn-themed apparel and benefit our favorite preschool/kindergarten!  Order kid and adult-sized clothes and accessories here.

Acorn apparel hoodie

What’s Happening at
Acorn School this summer

Summer camp for current students

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Stay Tuned For 2021-2022 Events & Fundraisers!

We’ve got some very fun events in the works for the 2021-2022 school year – check back here for details!



2021-2022 Registration Continues


Years Old Class Size
3-4 10

Chickadees, Woolly Bears & Tadpoles 

Years Old Class Size
4-5 10

Mighty Oaks

Years Old Class Size
5-6 10

What Parents Are Saying…

Acorn School is a magical place where children blossom and entire families become part of a supportive and loving community. I recommend it to anyone in the area looking for a great pre-school and Kindergarten.

Tamara Denneen

As an Acorn alumni myself I didn’t hesitate sending my daughter there. The entire Acorn experience is truly magical! Some of my friends today are those I made at Acorn. My daughter who attended who is now turning 10, still credits her friends from Acorn as her best friends.   Acorn provides a safe space for kids to explore, learn, and grow. I am also a public school teacher and wanted to make sure my daughter was fully prepared to attend public school for first grade, and she was and then some! I can’t recommend this magical little school enough!

Hallie E.