Give to the Acorn

Providing Opportunities to Grow and Learn

As a private school, we rely on fundraising and donations to help fill the gap between tuition and expenses. Our fiscal structure is extremely lean, however our current operating budget doesn’t provide for effective long-term planning or significant capital expenses. As a result, we have undertaken an endowment campaign to ensure Acorn School’s financial future.

The intent of the Acorn School Endowment Fund is to help us maintain the intimate, environmentally-focused, and nurturing school that children thrive in and families have loved for more than 40 years. Contributions to the Acorn School endowment accomplish this by:

– Ensuring stability in the school’s operating budget
– Reducing the dependence on annual fundraising efforts
– Retaining and providing for our talented and loyal staff
– Providing for future capital expenditures as needs arise
– Keeping tuition rates affordable and increases nominal

For more information regarding the endowment, please refer to the following literature for additional details – What is the Acorn Endowment

If you are interested in learning more or wish to contribute to the Acorn School Endowment Fund, please donate via PayPal using the button below, or contact us at or 603-778-8285