Admissions to Acorn


New Enrollment/Wait List
If you are interested in having your child attend Acorn School, you may call to be put on the waiting list starting the September prior to your child’s entrance. All pre-registrations are done via phone. At this time you can make an appointment to visit the school with your child. Visits begin in October and continue through the remainder of the school year.

There is no fee involved in being put on the wait list, and it does not commit you to a program or insure your enrollment. It places your child on the wait list according to the date of your contact. You will be notified after January 15th if there is a place for your child in the upcoming year’s program. A $200 fee is required upon acceptance. This fee is non-refundable, but is deductible from the last tuition payment.

Children must be 3 years old by September 30th of the year they are to start school and must be toilet trained.

Tuition Rates
Please contact Acorn School at or 603-778-8285 for current tuition rates. Multi-child discounts are available. Scholarship programs are also available.

Deposit (all classes)
For currently enrolled students or Acorn alumni reserving a space for your child for the next school year, a deposit of $200 is due by January 15. New applicants will be notified after the January 15th deadline about available spaces. In order to reserve a position, the $200 deposit will be required by a deadline arranged by the Director. Checks can be made payable to Acorn School and turned in with the appropriate registration form to the Director, or mailed to Acorn School.

The deposit is credited to the last scheduled tuition payment. The deposit applies to all Acorn classes and is non-refundable.

Tuition Payment Schedule Options

One (1) Payment Plan:

  • Full tuition due July 1

Two (2) Payment Plan:

  • Payment #1 due July 1
  • Payment #2 due December 1

Five (5) Payment Plan:

  • Payment #1 due July 1,
  • Payment #2 due September 15,
  • Payment #3 due December 1,
  • Payment #4 due February 1,
  • Payment #5 due April 1

Ten (10) Payment Plan:

  • Payment #1 due July 1 & monthly payments through April 1


Checks can be made payable to Acorn School and turned in to the Director or mailed to the Acorn School. Failure to pay the first payment on time may place your child’s reserved space in jeopardy. Payments may also be made on a monthly basis if that is more convenient.

With your deposit and tuition payments, your child’s spot at Acorn is guaranteed for the length of the school year. Should your child withdraw from Acorn School prior to the end of the school year, the tuition deposit continues to be non-refundable.

Tuition Policy Modifications
Acorn School reserves the right to make changes to this policy from time to time. Changes in this policy will be made public through a written notice to be posted on the bulletin board, or in a written notice sent home.

Parent Forms
All forms will be mailed to you by the end of June (once your child is enrolled in the school). These include a health form, a general information form, and a medical emergency form. You will also receive a class list and the school calendar for the upcoming year.


What Parents Are Saying…


My son is in his final year at this school, final days:(. He started off as a chipmunk and it was his first time away from me. The transition was tough to say the least but this school and these fantastic teachers helped us AS A FAMILY turn it all around. He is now excelling at school, loves to go everyday. The things he has done this year will stay with him forever. This school, these teachers will forever hold a special place in our hearts!!! If you are considering Acorn for your child I guarantee it will be one of the best decisions you make!!!

Carol Stella