Enrichment Programs


Objectives for Extended Day and Enrichment

To provide a safe and happy place for children to further increase their social and learning experiences.

To help prepare a child for the longer elementary school day.

11:30 Recess – Outdoor time to play with peers and get some exercise
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Activity Time  an opportunity to explore and do activities pertaining to different topics, such as; puppetry, baking, learning about different countries, exercising, storytelling, building birdhouses, science, pottery and others.
12-20 children/2-3 teachers
1:30 Carpool

Music in-class Enrichment

Music is a vital part of each day at Acorn School. Our program is designed so that songs and musical ctivities become an integral part of the Acorn curriculum. Many of the songs and activities have been passed down through the years making Acorn the special place that it is. Creative movement, rhythm instruments, finger plays, song stories and the simple joy of singing are only some of the wys we help children learn to love music during these early years. In addition, Acorn’s special music class one day a week for each age level underlines the important place we give to music in the lives of our children.

Yoga in-class

Mighty Oak Enrichment 

The Acorn School yoga experience begins with presenting the notion that we are all made of 3 important parts: the body, the mind and the spirit. Each yoga class provides an opportunity for all participants to bring together a balance of these 3 parts through poses, imaginative play and song. This balance brings calmness and strength to the practitioner.

Learning about ones body, acknowledging and nurturing their special gifts and strengths while filling up with vibrant energy are just a few of the many benefits children receive from our yoga practice. Playful, creative and fun classes are always conducted with attention to keeping our bodies safe and healthy.

This approach to children’s yoga compliments Acorn’s mission to educate and nurture the whole child as they become active participants in establishing lifelong habits.